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Original article here: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/no-wigs-st-margarets-five-education-minister

I'm not sure about the minister stepping in so publicly on this matter. I would have rather he privately mediated and advised the Principal, and have her make the independent decision to do so.
I have a feeling he has just given parents and students the leeway to subvert the authority of Principals in Singapore.
28 November 2012 @ 03:19 pm
For a change, we started off going into the lesson. We first did the survey crafted by the Visual/Literary arts group, which was almost similar to ours except that they included questions while evaluated our ability to better value the elderly, which was the goal of the devising process. They also gave some feedback about our survey questions, saying that they liked the 'found myself smiling' question. They were unsure of the difference between comfortable and confident, and discussed ability vs skill vs confidence.

The data was then collected to make statements about the resuls. Ways to do it:
- find median scores per question
- create graph with accomponying summary
e.g. the great majority of the participants showed they were engaged most, if not all, of the time.

This is when the values of the numbers come in. e.g. 1 = never will translate into participants were never engaged during the workshop.
- 1 statement per KPI, all statements then put together as a summary.
- IN report, not about answeing the questions but showing how answers to the questions meet KPI in statement.
- If results are inconclusive, it can be backed up with other data resources e.g. interviews, photos
- the sentences are the key part of the evaluation, accompanied by interview results and photos

- are actually a crude evaluate tool
- shallow understanding of what is going on
- a general idea, requires more to get comprehensive answer
- quality of question will determine quality of answers

Writing the executive summary
- About the project (Where)
- Types of participants (Who)
- How evidence collected
- Summary of statements from evidence
  - tied to KIP
    - should be just 3 or 4
    - should be discussed before contract is signed
    - should be in the language of the contract
      e.g. KPI: Shoes disciplin in the art work
             summary: the majority of participants demonstrated disciplin
- Reflection: Only understood point of devising workshop on last day, but good to understand difference. Workshop to learn how to evaluate deeply and devising. Goal for devising are for participants not so much for audience. Process VS Product

One-on-one interviews & focus groups
- survey is the basis of questions you ask or photos or videos
- what to ask, how to ask?
27 November 2012 @ 06:19 pm

Aiba: I'll do my best again next year! By the way, is there a present that you got this year that touches your heart?

Matsumoto: I think it's the game that i got from Nino. I think that he suffered so much just to get that one. Also, I wore the t-shirt somewhere in our work that i got from you.

- translated by tamagoxkare
Things Nino would do for free games- dress up as Mario on national TV and look like he doesn't give a shit about looking retarded.